Gassing Your AR Video Series

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, video is worth the entire book. We've assembled a collection of videos on this page that will serve as an introduction and educational resource for those learning about gas-operated rifles and how gas management should be your first and your primary step when setting up a new rifle or refining the performance of an existing rifle. We'll grow this collection as new videos are made. If you have additional questions or topics you'd like to see covered in future videos, post a comment on the YouTube videos.

Links to more information are below the relevant videos.


Article: The Operating System of the AR Rifle


Article: Which Plunger is Right for My Carbine?


Article: The Fallacy of the Idea Gas Port

Selecting the right Gas Control for your carbine is easy:

Article: How to Select the Correct Gas Control for Your Carbine

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