Handguard Compatibility

Riflespeed Gas Controls are compatible with the vast majority of common handguards. There are a few known handguard models that may not have enough room to allow proper clearance around or above your Gas Control. This short list includes the models below. Please note that some of these can be made to work with very minor modifications and some, like the Atlas R1 will work with no changes in SOME rifle configurations. If your handguard has an inside diameter of approximately 1.3 inches and the traditional "inverted keyhole" shape of most handguards you'll likely have no fitment issues. 

List of handguards with known or potential fitment issues:

  • Smoke Composite carbon fiber handguard (some other cylindrical handguards will likely have similar issues. Offset models like the Apex have no issues)
  • SOLGW M89 handguard (there is a small protrusion inside the top of the handguard extrusion for an anti-rotation pin that may cause clearance issues in some configurations)
  • Aero Atlas R1 (works in configurations where the Gas Control is near the end of the handguard)
  • Aero Atlas S1 (the lowered center section causes fitment issues)
  • **Some** PRI cylindrical handguards with fasteners that protrude inside the cylinder to retain the 12:00 picatinny rail. Customers report that others work fine.
  • BLK LBL BIPOD AR15 - AR10 Handguard (Customers have told us that a newer version that is compatible with Gas Controls is in the works, but this has not been confirmed with BLK LBL)

The vast majority of common handguards have ample clearance for the small increase in height and diameter of our Gas Controls compared to fixed lo-profile gas blocks. If you have a handguard with an unusual shape or some feature that may preclude fit with your Gas Control, be sure to check the dimensioned drawings below.  

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